Al-Mutahida Profile
Al-Mutahida Profile

Al-Mutahida Profile

Who we are?

Al-Mutahida precast concrete company is the first in Iraq to produce lightweight foamed concrete using Malaysian technology with Iraqi knowhow. Foamed concrete is introduced to the construction market as lightweight interlocking, non-interlock block, panels in different sizes and as in-situ concrete used in floor or roof screeding. Based on our experience, we can provide varies types of densities and strength of foam concrete, which suites the engineering specification and the project requirements.

Our vision:

1-Contribute to introduce modern technology to Iraqi markets and benefit from other countries experiences and enhancing the skills of Iraqi engineerings.

         2-Increasing the Iraqi market's awareness of modern construction material and developing Iraqi skills. 

3-Using environmentally friendly building materials and cop with international standards for modern construction industry in Iraq.

4-Introducing the theory of recycling material to Iraq’s market through using waste and debris material and producing new environmentally friendly building materials.

5-using energy conservative material in construction industry.

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